A boy and the town that raised him

Atlin Where Everyone Knows Your Dog’s Name is the story of growing up in an isolated, northern gold rush town. It was an innocent time, when imagination was king, and the surrounding wilderness was a playground. This story is as much about the town that molded and raised Brad Smith to be the person he is today as it is about his childhood.

The remote town of Atlin, BC survived and thrived on inclusion, acceptance and volunteerism. Civic duty was learned from childhood and performed with pride. Atlin Where Everyone Knows Your Dog’s Name tells of average life and average people who did extraordinary things that pushed their boundaries and took them out of their comfort zones. In doing so, it made them anything but average.

Atlin was a unique place and a unique time: trapping with his dad, grouse hunting with his mom, fishing and fort building with friends. Stories are told with self-deprecating humor like he’s telling stories to an old friend. The reader is included in the dialog.

Brad combines his own memories with the tongue-in-cheek writings of his mother, who in the early seventies wrote humorous human-interest articles depicting northern living for the local newspaper.

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Bradford D. Smith, Author

Brad Smith, AuthorBrad approaches writing through the eye of a common man who has led an uncommon life. He yearns to tell stories and to entertain the reader. He knows what he enjoys in a story and strives to replicate it through his own voice. He feels that humans innately want to bring happiness and joy to others, and there’s no better way than story telling.

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Atlin, British Columbia

Paintings by Diane Solie Smith

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