North of Familiar

Nov 7, 2021 | Reviews & Recommendations

North of FamiliarNorth of Familiar

A Woman’s Story of Homesteading and Adventure in the Canadian Wilderness

Terry Milos
Caitlin Press 2019

Full disclosure on this one, Terry was my grade school teacher for grade three and four. Thanks to social media, we met again as adults and she shared with me her process of writing and getting published. Terry also encouraged me to continue writing and to pursue a publisher for my own book.

A stunning depiction of wilderness living, this story takes you on adventures unimagined by most. From Florida and California to an isolated cabin on the shore of Little Atlin Lake in the Yukon Territory, Canada, Terry immediately fell in love with the harsh wild land and its colorful inhabitants.

Find out what it was like teaching in an isolated Gwich’in First Nations village in the Yukon’s Arctic. This story takes you on harrowing bush plane rides, perilous mountain treks and dog mushing trips. All in a day in the wilderness. I read it in one sitting and re-read it again not long after.

Available in paperback and ebook at many online stores

For another good book about life in the Arctic, read Ordinary Wolves by Seth Kantner. Here is my review.