Atlin Where Everyone Knows Your Dog’s Name


A glimpse into a caring community

Atlin Where Everyone Knows your Dog’s Name is much more than just a story about a boy’s life in the Canadian north, it is a glimpse into the life and history of a caring community who worked together to accomplish unimaginable feats. It honors the hardworking, fun loving men and women of Atlin, B.C., especially the most amazing, independent, talented women, of whom his mother was the most accomplished of them all.

This book brings alive the childhood experiences of a young boy growing up in a small remote town in Northern BC. Intertwined with his mother’s writings, history, and humor, you find yourself reliving this life with him as his unique, vivid descriptions capture you and carry you along on his journey, immersing you in adventures incomprehensible to most.

You will feel the fear as a young boy creeps into his old house after dark with his imagination running wild, shivers in frigid waters as his childhood buddies tempt fate to find the best swimming holes, cling to handmade rafts, challenge each other to cross swift-moving creeks, and test thin ice.

You will learn about dog mushing, which included hanging on for dear life as well as being abandoned alone on the trail, “hooky bobbing,” and the trapping and hunting boys engaged in at a very young age, as well as the many hilarious escapades that they did and didn’t get away with. It is an absolute must read!

Terry Milos, author of North of Familiar

Easy to read and felt very authentic

A young boy growing up in northwest Canada in the 1960s and early 70s is magical. Think – Garrison Keillor, Prairie Home Companion, sharing heartwarming tales about Canada.

Brad Smith paints a vivid picture of growing up in a breathtakingly beautiful, and somewhat isolated, area of British Columbia. The book, written through the eyes of a young boy, was easy to read and felt very authentic. Having grown up on a homestead in Alaska as a young girl, I relate to his experiences, adventures and character descriptions.

“Atlin” is an excellent book choice for young readers as well. Brad’s colorful descriptions of growing up “off the grid” draw a sharp contrast to the modern conveniences we enjoy today.

Nancy V, NetGalley Reviewer